Hydration and skin rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid (Restylane Vital, TeosyalRedensity I, Juvederm Hydrate)
In the  aging process occur gradually changes  of facial bone , muscle and skin , leading to loss of facial volume and contour changes,  with static wrinkles ( visible at rest ) and dynamic ( expression ) . Skin aging is accelerated by excessive sun exposure , smoking, certain facial expressions,  diet.

Medical treatments with non- crosslink hyaluronic acid,alone or in combination with amino acids , vitamins , antioxidants  and lidocaineanaestheticare designed to boost the biorevitalization and moisturizing skin , strongly stimulated fibroblasts to synthesize new collagen structures . Biorevitalization is an essential step for - treatment of skin aging and photo-aging (increased elasticity and skin tone and hydration deep ,wrinkles diminish over time ) , potentiation and completion results of other medical aesthetic treatments : filler, botulinum toxin , peels , IPL , laser, radiofrequency ( faster results with fewer sessions , better results and is maintained longer, shorter recovery period ). Indications: dry and dehydrated skin, fine wrinkles and medium mild to moderate skin laxity , to improve skin texture , scars postacnee . Treatment of the entire skin , especially  sun-exposed areas : face, neck,  décolletage , hands . Treatment protocol : initial 2-3 sessions are required, at intervals of 3-4 weeks , depending on the product used ; maintenance treatments are indicated. Contraindications: allergy to lidocaine. Treatment is well tolerated.  The injection procedure is relatively short and is performed under a local anesthetic to the area with anesthetic cream , ice. Injection itself is done superficially ,intradermally , with a very thin needle or a cannula .Possible side effects are mild and transient , mostly related to the injection procedure : local pain during injection , erythema and edema ( redness and swollen area ) for several hours , days and is reduced by applying ice, anti-allergy medication . Ecchymosis( bruising ) can be reduced by the use of local ice and avoiding 10 days before the injection, of medications or supplements that increase bleeding risk like: aspirin , anticoagulants , anti-inflammatory , vitamin E, ginseng , fish oil . Local bacterial infections , the possibility of occurrence is reduced by cleaning the area with alcohol before / after surgery, avoid handling area with dirty hands .Recommended post-procedure : a few days region disinfected with alcohol and avoid hot baths and sun exposure .

Result:This treatment improve hydration , tone and elasticity of the skin's surface. It is meant to restore the levels of hyaluronic acid within the skin and it is this that gives back healthy skin glow.
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