The impact of protruding ears or “Mickey mouse ears” on the psychological well-being of both children and adults has been noted by doctors. Affected individuals can be embarrassed and camouflage their ears with their hair, for children – their self concept can be severely affected. Otoplasty is a same day procedure done under local anesthesia. It can give you a new confidence in your appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Will my surgery be performed in a hospital?
Otoplasty is typically an outpatient procedure, meaning you won’t be required to stay overnight in a hospital. The procedure can be performed in a hospital, in a surgical suite at your doctor’s office, or in a free-standing surgery center.
Will there be scarring after ear surgery?
While there will be a faint scar after surgery, the scar's visibility will fade over time. As the scar heals, its location behind the ear makes it very unnoticeable.
Will I have to wear a headband after surgery?
After completing the otoplasty procedure, your surgeon will place a bandage around your head to promote proper healing and prevent anything from disturbing your ears. After a few days, the bandage and the dressings will be removed.
How long is the recovery period after otoplasty?
You may begin light exercise after four weeks, and contact sports may be resumed after six weeks. However, each patient’s exact recovery period is unique to his or her circumstances. You should listen carefully to your doctor’s instructions and carry them out exactly for the best results.