What are Face Lift (Rhytidectomy), Neck lift and Brow Lift?
Face lift or Rhytidectomy is a cosmetic surgery procedure meant to remove wrinkles and decrease the signs of ageing and sun damage.
A Neck lift or Platysmaplasty is a surgery designed to reduce the loose look of sagging skin in the neck area and under the jaw line.
A Brow lift raises the eyebrows and tightens the skin on the patient’s forehead to remove the furrowed or angry look.
Sometimes neck or brow lift may be done in conjunction with a face lift.
These procedures may be chosen for one or two reasons:
To help prevent the advancement of ageing, i.e. to help relatively young individuals (40 and younger) delay the ageing process.
It may assist one who is already wrinkled or whose skin sags to appear younger and fresher.
The amount of improvement depends upon the degree of wrinkling and sagging already present. If minimal, then changes may be subtle but the ageing process is markedly retarded. If the wrinkling and sagging is great, then the results can be very dramatic.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who is the Best Candidate?
If you are in good physical and emotional/mental health, have realistic expectations, no serious health threats and have the desire to rid yourself of loose, sagging skin of the face and neck, you maybe a good candidate for the procedures. An ideal patient would have elastic skin and good underlying bone structure. There are no specific age requirements for having the procedure done.
After meeting our plastic surgeon, the patient will usually be advised as to whether he or she is a good candidate or whether an alternate procedure might be preferable.
What to Expect After the Surgery?
Patient should expect swelling and bruising on the area but you have to remember that these conditions are temporary and will fade away. The positive outcome of these procedures often takes several weeks to become noticeable. Scars will fade somewhat as the time passes. Most patients will begin to notice the improvement in their appearance after about 3 weeks. Most patients can return to work 10 to 14 days following a face lift. For a brow lift and neck lift, it will be shorter. Some tasks, such as blow-drying hair and wearing earrings (especially the dangling ones) should be avoided. For the first week, only walking and mild stretching are appropriate physical activities. Vigorous exercise, heavy housework, and sexual activity should be avoided for atleast the initial 2 weeks after the surgery. Alcohol, sauna’s, and steam rooms are prohibited for several months. Getting extra rest is important for healing.