LASER HAIR REMOVAL For many, especially women, unwanted hair can be a nightmare. Getting rid of it can be painful. Other options for removing unwanted hair were smelly hair removal creams, sharp razor, stinging wax, or painful electrolysis.… read more
SKIN CARE The appearance of our skin is affected by both internal and external factors. Internal factors include one's sex, genetics, and age while external factors include lifestyle and environment - where and how we live. Mature… read more
COSMETIC DENTISTRY Dental Cleaning  Teeth Whitening  Braces  Bridges  Crowns  Dentures  Filling  Root Canal  Tooth extraction  Veneers  Dental Implants 
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DERMATOLOGY   Dr. MirelaTelipan   Dr. MirelaTelipan is a Specialist Dermatology, Venereology and Cosmetology, who also attended numerous training courses on specialized topics: pediatric dermatology, medical aesthetics, dermoscopy,… read more